The Voice Of Indonesia

At the beginning of its presence in the talent search program The Voice of Indonesia, Billy Simpson has invited a lot of admiration from the audience in the studio is also the fourth coach The Voice: Armand Maulana, Barry Manilow, Sherina Munaf, and Leads Ganesha.

Blind Audition round was Billy perform the song One of the band U2. Could almost feel the aura emitted by Billy Simpson, Barry Manilow hope Billy can inspire a lot of people.

Entering the Battle Round round, as seen by Billy inspiration Armand Maulana when performing in Battle Round with teammate Andreas. Billy was able to conquer Andreas after the song I Will not Give Up Jason Mraz have.

the voice

Next, his song Beautiful Cherrybelle are devoured by Billy. And this time, Billy is considered to be a singer who is able to inspire a lot of people by his own coach, Leads 'Nidji'.

Back, Glenn expressed the same statement when Billy appear in the Blind Audition. Live Show At half this 3rd Glenn was so dazzled by the appearance of Billy when membawkan song written by Ariel Try to Understand 'NOAH'.

The longer Billy survive in The Voice of Indonesia, was only increasing maturity. Vina Panduwinata testify. According to Vina, Billy can make a simple rock songs into beautiful. Through Beatiful Day had the band U2, Billy can pitch to the Semifinal round.

At half-back semis Billy showered with praise from all four coaches. Billy looks at this stage was to be one of the two favorite performances Sherina. With his song Fix You Coldplay, Billy is able to conquer Abdi Siahaan.

Looks like Billy Simpson journey taken not so quaint. However, could he mejuarai The Voice Indonesian first session?